Sisters And Their Misters was founded in 2014 by Ariel Frankel and Amanda Bear.  At an extremely young age, beginning with playing dress up, the two sisters developed an appreciation for jewelry.  "Jewelry has always fascinated us.  Ever since we were little girls, we would rummage through our grandmothers' jewelry boxes looking for exciting treasures.  Once we were old enough, we began collecting our own pieces along our travels.  Every time we are home, we still look through vintage jewelry chests for inspiration."  Ariel and Amanda always knew they loved to design -- It wasn't long before they began working on their own creations with lanyard, string and beading.  

The sisters have come a long way since their childhood days, and over the past two years they have worked as a team to create SATM Jewelry.  Their line, comprised of three different collections, is focused on staying true to their delicate and chic look. The femininity of each design allows for even the edgiest of pieces to feel classic.  

Ariel and Amanda each have an individually unique style. It was important for them to create a brand that would somehow capture both of their personalities.  Therefore, they decided to launch Sisters And Their Misters with three different collections: The Minimalist, The Sophisticate and The Statement Maker.  Each collection gives insight into their personally evolving style and is a means of self expression.  The designers  strive to make it possible for their friends and clients to constantly rediscover their favorite combinations of jewelry as well.

The sisters (and best friends) are thrilled about the launch of their Manhattan based jewelry company. They look forward to seeing you on SATMjewelry.com, Facebook, and Instagram @sistersandtheirmisters.